Working in partnership with Aberdeen City Council.


Join our national campaign to remove all ‘No Ball Games’ signs from local parks and green spaces and see the return of sports and games to your local community. 


The Denis Law Legacy Trust recently joined forces with Aberdeen Greenspace and Aberdeen Play Forum to launch a campaign that resulted in Aberdeen City Council removing hundreds of No Ball Games signs from across city.

Denis was assisted by former team mate Mike Summerbee to carry out the ceremonial removal of the first sign and help put the fun back into the city’s parks and community spaces.

Denis said: “This is a brilliant initiative and one that is long overdue. It will open up community spaces throughout Aberdeen enabling kids to kick a ball about freely with their friends, which is really important. The local authority should be commended for their work to remove these signs".

#Yes Ball Games 1.JPG

Communication Design students from Gray’s School of Art have recently been collaborating with us to ‘upcycle’ some of the 2000+ No Ball Games signs recently removed by Aberdeen City Council.

Check out some of their ideas and concepts below…