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A campaign that commits the Denis Law Legacy Trust to promoting a healthier lifestyle and mental wellbeing through exercise and education.


Online resource launched by RGU to help improve mental health

RGU marked #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek by launching the latest step in its mental health masterplan – an online self-help resource to improve the mental wellbeing of staff and students.

The SilverCloud platform is self-directed and offers a choice of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programmes on depression, anxiety, stress and body image. The programmes are free, flexible and very easy to use.

SilverCloud is the latest initiative launched at the university to improve the mental health and wellbeing of its staff and student community.

Filippo Antoniazzi, Director of Student Life at RGU and Denis Law Legacy Trust Steering Group member, said: “RGU has a long-standing commitment to supporting the wellbeing of its staff and students, and we have taken a number of steps to improve our provision in this area.”

SilverCloud aims to help people help themselves before they reach a crisis level. Each of the motivational programmes consists of seven to eight modules, full of information and techniques, which people can complete at their pace and start applying to their daily life.

For more information or to begin using SilverCloud, visit:

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All smiles in Balmoral.

All smiles in Balmoral.

Balmoral 10K

A team of six runners and two groupies (or photographers/drivers/motivators!) set off for Balmoral at the end of April ‘19 to complete the annual 10K race.

With barely a race entered between the group of them, it was decided at the start of the year that volunteers would make a conscious effort to go out of their own comfort zone to raise money, bond as a group and improve fitness levels.

Over £550 was raised by the team and gratefully received by the Trust but most importantly everyone completed the course in high spirits, each getting better times than expected.

The benefits of exercising to one’s mental health is well researched and one of the main justifications for taking up running. Whether it’s just a walk, short run, 5K or 10K, running can significantly help your mood and your manner of thinking.

There is great content out there to help anyone get in to running which are all highly recommended, especially the ‘couch to’ podcasts for complete beginners.

The Denis Law Legacy Trust covered the cost of the entrance fee and running vests which encouraged fundraising and gave the charity a visible presence around the track. If you need some inspiration to get going, get in touch and the DLLT will do the same for you.

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More images and info from the trip to Balmoral.

Mental Health Awareness

Back in March, Streetsport Outreach Development Officer Kiana, pictured, completed a mental health first aid course and was delighted to gain her certificate.

Since May, all full-time staff members of the Trust have gained their certified recognition to join other staff and volunteers in being fully qualified mental health first-aiders.

At the Denis Law Legacy Trust we value and appreciate the importance of good mental health to our staff, volunteers, participants and all of those around them.

That’s why we’re committed to doing more to help boost our youth’s health and wellbeing through courses, nutrition education, running opportunities and more.

Awareness of mental health is on the rise and, thankfully, becoming a more normalised conversation. However, statistics regarding anxiety, depression and suicide rates are still alarming and something that we all need to work hard at to vastly improve.

After our own training and research we’re all now more comfortable to communicate effectively with our participants but we’re also conscious that we’re not experts. We can however help point you towards charities who are.

Mental Health Aberdeen provide local support to those experiencing difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing while other charities such as SAMH, Penumbra, Breathing Space, Young Scot Aye Mind, Calm, and Young Minds are also great references. There are also many, many more out there who dedicate their time to helping those who are having difficulties.

Please reach out and don’t be afraid to talk to friends, family and different organisations if you’re having any troubles and feel you may need some help. Nobody should suffer in silence so please remember that there’s help out there.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, an annual campaign to inform and educate, ran from May 13 and focussed on body image.

Kiana Brown, mental health first aid certified.

Kiana Brown, mental health first aid certified.

Showing the sugar content of fizzy drinks to Northfield youth participants.

Showing the sugar content of fizzy drinks to Northfield youth participants.

Nutrition Night @ Northfield’s Bill Burr Astro

In early March Streetsport included a special nutrition event at their regular Friday night session at Northfield’s Bill Burr astroturf pitch.

Highlights included the RGU GoGreen smoothie bike, various fun and educational games plus healthy snacks provided by Aramark and Eat RGU. Friday nights at Northfield regularly attract more than 100 young attendee’s so it was great to showcase this in front of so many.

This was Streetsport’s first attempt at running an educational type event rather than purely focussing on sport so it was very encouraging to see so many young participants engaged.

Hannah, Streetsport’s Development Officer, said: “It stemmed from trying to go beyond just providing young people with physical activity opportunities.

“We found ourselves asking what more could we do to help participants be both healthier and happier which then inspired this idea.

“The planning behind the event was initiated by myself and Calum, one of our Streetsport Assistants. We decided on nutrition being the focus due to both what we had witnessed at our sessions and from discussions with young people.

“The success of this event has inspired us to continue pursuing educational topics and passing on important messages to our target audience”.

If you want to get involved with Streetsport and in particular within our Streetwise campaign then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re always on the lookout for volunteers and would greatly appreciate your help.

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