The Trust team up with Optimus

The Denis Law Legacy Trust is very proud of the partnerships that have been forged with local companies and charities in Aberdeen and beyond.

This year the trust has formed a thriving relationship with Optimus, an independent engineering consultancy and project delivery company serving the upstream and downstream energy business.

Conscious of giving back to their local community, the company were keen to hear about what is involved at the Trust and some of its key programmes, particularly Streetsport.

Following a couple of meetings and informative presentations, employees at Optimus took matters into their own hands…

Business Fives

Optimus teamed up with some members of Streetsport and took part in this year’s Business Fives tournament at Goals in Aberdeen. A great way to bond and enhance team spirit, it was a pleasure to be asked to be part of their team.

Streetsport Development Officer Hannah won Player of the Match which was presented by Aberdeen FC legend Jim Leighton while Streetsport coach Lisa and new Streetsport assistant Findlay also got involved. Optimus managed to raise just shy of £300 through playing at the tournament, a fantastic amount.

Great Aberdeen Run

Ross Taylor, assistant designer at Optimus, decided to run the Great Aberdeen Run 10K in August to raise funds for the Denis Law Legacy Trust. Given a DLLT running vest to push him on in the scorching heat, Ross finished with a great time of just over the hour. After the race we presented him with a thank you pack which he posed for with some of the Business Fives team.

Doric Skateboards x YBG

Project Controls Manager, Gary Kemp, collaborated with RGU, DLLT and Transition Extreme to help design some awesome graphics which were later screen-printed on to skateboard decks. Gary is the owner of Doric Skateboards, an independent and local skateboard brand which produces hand screen-printed textiles, boards and more over on his website.

Inspired by Streetsport’s Yes Ball Games campaign, the Yes Skate Boarding decks are on display at Gray’s School of Art and also available to purchase. Gary was also in RGU to help Communication Design students with their project of, handily, designing a skateboard.

Optimus Race Night

Lastly, Optimus have organised a race night at the Ashvale with proceeds going towards the Denis Law Legacy Trust. The Ashvale, a famous Aberdonian institution who are experts on hosting race nights, will be the venue on Thursday 7th November. The night kicks off at 7PM and tickets are still available to purchase.

The trust hosted their own race right in May and are well aware of the time and planning that goes into them so are extremely grateful to Optimus for organising this.

Thank you to all at Optimus who have contributed to raising money for the Denis Law Legacy Trust and its Streetsport programme. It’s hugely appreciated and does not go unnoticed.