Oceaneering and Streetsport combine for SPARK experience

Streetsport recently partnered up with a global oil and gas company to provide some lucky youth participants with a unique opportunity.

Oceaneering, recognised worldwide for their work in subsea engineering, created a bespoke experience for a group of four girls associated with Streetsport’s Positive Destination programme.

This was the first of the programme’s SPARK experiences, an extension of Positive Destination which aims to give young people first-hand experiences in jobs and sectors that may not usually be available to them.

Their day at Oceaneering, in the Dyce office rather than the Texas HQ, began with an informal introduction to the company, how they operate and what was in store for the day.

Following this, the four youths involved experienced the Rope Access Training facility which they all agreed was their highlight of the day.


Lunch included a meal with the rest of the team as well as a Women in Leadership talk which opened the girl’s eyes to the number of females working in the industry.

Lastly, the group were lucky enough to have time on a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) simulator. Oceaneering are renowned for their ROV and underwater services and even assisted with the wreckage of RMS Titanic.

The whole day was an invaluable experience for everyone involved. Reviewing their time, each girl said they enjoyed it far more than they’d initially thought they might’ve while also saying they’re now far more likely to seek work in the oil and gas industry.

Commenting on Oceaneering’s LinkedIn, Strategic Projects Manager Ally Smith, said it was “an honour to have the Streetsport team along”.

He added: “What an amazing job they do for young adults and kids in the Aberdeen Area.

“ALL the girls were a tribute to the group and joined in with enthusiasm and what seemed real joy. Probably the happiest day I have ever had at Oceaneering.

“Thanks to everyone involved for their help and support in getting this off the ground and making it a success. Look forward very much to the next one.”

Another comment on LinkedIn included: “Hands on activities such as these are how you attract the next generation of workers” which is exactly what the Denis Law Legacy Trust and partners have in mind when establishing these experiences.

Thanks to Oceaneering for their help in creating this opportunity and to CNOOC for continuing to support our endeavours in creating a brighter future for our youth participants.