Update: Completed it! 47 Summits and 64 Miles…

Last month we wrote how Dave, one of our brilliant volunteers, planned to run the 64 mile Paddy Buckley Round in North Wales.

We’re now delighted to confirm that he completed the incredible feat on the weekend of June 15/16.

Rather than us explain, hear from the man himself about his gruelling adventure through the peaks and troughs of the Welsh Valley’s:

“On Saturday morning I set off from Plas y Brenin, all was going relatively well time-wise until I reached Llanberis at around the 16 hour mark.

“I had been feeling ill for a while and was finding it difficult to eat. This was further compounded by poor weather, high winds, sub-zero wind chill, cloud and rain.

“The section of the PBR from Llanberis to Llyn Ogwen was difficult to say the least and very unsafe conditions in places due to steep scrambling sections on wet rock.

“I reached Llyn Ogwen and deliberated stopping there, but tenaciousness (or madness) had taken over and I decided to continue.

“I had five mountains to go, but the lactate acid in my legs had set in and running was difficult supplemented by two extremely painful blisters on the soles of my feet.

“Wind speeds had built up to what felt like 70 mph+ and I regretted not wearing running tights! I eventually made it back to Plas y Brenin and was very thankful that the ordeal was over!”

Dave completed the ultra-marathon in some extremely difficult conditions in little over 27 hours, a truly excellent accomplishment. Having now completed the UK Big 3, you’d have thought he’d be ready for a wind-down of sorts…

“I went to Streetsport in Torry last night (Wed 19) with the intention of not playing football due to my legs and feet still recovering but one thing led to another and I had an enjoyable 90 minutes playing football.”

Perhaps not then…!

If you haven’t already, please consider recognising Dave’s achievement by donating towards his chosen causes: Streetsport and Newton Dee.

We’ll soon be presenting Dave with a thank-you pack although truthfully, we can’t thank him enough.

Thanks again and well done!