Denis Law - Made in Aberdeen

A documentary which chronicles the life, career and legacy of Denis Law premiered on Manchester United TV this month. Produced by John Gubba, the film first aired on Thursday 21st February before being repeated on Sunday 24th to coincide with the Lawman’s 79th birthday.

The city of Aberdeen, where Denis was born and brought up, anchors the production while it also tells tales of his time at Huddersfield as well as later in Torino which was sandwiched between his years in Manchester. The Denis Law Legacy Trust is also featured with recordings of Streetsport sessions and information on the background of the trust’s flagship programme.

You can read more about the documentary on John Gubba’s blog which can be found here.There’s also an MUTV teaser here plus the content embedded below. The recording will be shown multiple times over on MUTV.

Through all those years I still call Aberdeen my home. When I’m down in Manchester I say I’m going back to Aberdeen. I’m going home.
— Denis Law