Case study: A Little goes a long way

Streetsport’s latest case study covers the progress of Abbie Little. Having started volunteering while at school in 2016, Abbie is now in her third year of TV and Radio Broadcasting at the University of the West of Scotland but still makes time during breaks in semesters to come back and work at sessions. An enthusiastic, excitable and very chatty member of the team, she’s very much a keeper. No, literally, she’s a goalkeeper.

Here’s her story, in her words;

“I first came across Streetsport in 2016 when I was introduced to Hannah Clews, the programmes development officer.

“Hannah became my mentor whilst I was planning an event for a different charity but under her guidance I joined Streetsport as a volunteer too, attending two different sessions per week to gain more experience coaching and working with children.

“At the time I was also a basketball coach for a local under-10’s team so I enjoyed getting the opportunity to work with slightly older children in their own environment.

“I loved volunteering for the charity so much so that after the initial event had passed I continued to be a part of the Streetsport team”.

“I was only 17 when I joined Streetsport but becoming part of the charity proved to play a pivotal role in my life over the next three years.

“Having decided what to study further, Streetsport was a stand-out feature in my applications which lecturers picked out to ask me about during interviews for college and university.

“Volunteering, coaching children and providing a service to the local community can be seen as nothing but a positive and definitely put me one step ahead and won me my place to study at my first choice University.

When we met Prince Harry in 2016 I caught him dabbing for the kids on video!
— Abbie's funniest moment

“Last spring I was offered a paid position as a Streetsport Coach before I was due to leave for University which I loved as it meant I got to work across the city at each of the different sessions with an added bit of responsibility.

“Working with different groups of children massively improved my coaching skills while also raising my confidence and all in such a short space of time.

“I got to work closely with children who benefited directly from attending the sessions so I really enjoyed seeing firsthand the difference Streetsport can and does make.

“I study at uni’ in Ayr now but it’s really nice to have Streetsport to come home to during the holidays.

“Streetsport put me on the right path and continues to give me countless opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have had”.

Abbie’s a fantastic example of a volunteer who has gone from strength to strength since initially getting involved. Since her early days she has progressed through NESCOL, gained employment with both Streetsport and Kings Camp and now lives in Glasgow, striving at university. She continues to be a huge asset when back in Aberdeen and we’re very pleased to still have her on board!

If you’re reading this and would like to volunteer yourself, or know of someone else who would benefit from volunteering, please just get in touch. You could fill out a volunteer application form or even just pop us an email, it would be great to hear from you.

Abbie L.jpg
Having a water fight in Torry with over 50 youth particpants during the summer holidays!
— Abbie's best moment
Achieving my 500 hours of volunteering Saltire Award
— Abbie's proudest moment