Jenna: Streetsport & Bon Accord Rotary Club’s 2019 RYLA participant

In 2018, Jordan from Northfield was the grateful beneficiary of a partnership between Streetsport and the Bon Accord Rotary Club (BARC) which enables youth participants to attend a RYLA development programme.

This year it was the turn of Jenna Greig, a Streetsport participant who has progressed towards volunteering, to be offered the opportunity of attending RYLA camp this summer past.

Jenna, also from Northfield, gladly accepted the sponsored place from BARC and spent a week with several other young female leaders at the Abernethy Trust Centre in Nethybridge.

Having not experienced this type of trip away from home before, it was a daunting but ultimately hugely fulfilling adventure.

Once back in the comforts of Aberdeen Jenna presented to the BARC to express her own gratitude for their partnership plus highlight the ups and downs of her time and how she has grown as a person from it.

Her presentation began by outlining her initial nerves and lack of confidence when meeting up with the group before going on to describe and praise her team and mentor, Fiona.

Their week together included activities each day ranging from climbing to canoeing and mountain biking to raft building.

Jenna proudly announced that her team, Team 8, won at the last day assembly due to their teamwork, team spirit and encouraging nature.

She described her own team as “amazing” while feedback from Fiona focused on her character development over the week and how she overcame shyness to become a vital member of the group.

As a leader, Fiona described Jenna as enthusiastic and encouraging while noting that she ticked all the boxes that they look for in a participant learning to lead.

Her growth from day one to final day was notable which Fiona explained as a sure sign that having gained so much confidence in such a short time she can achieve anything that she sets her mind to.

“You gave everything your best shot, taking on every activity and facing your fears… Congrats on a successful week”, she concluded.

Moreover, Jenna’s stay at Nethybridge further encouraged her and four of her friends to progress towards their Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.

This has resulted in the group attending Duke of Edinburgh workshops, volunteering with Streetsport and completing other tasks with the aim of boosting their own confidence, skills and CV.

Everyone at Streetsport, particular those who have witnessed Jenna’s growth first-hand, are very proud of Jenna and the way she applied herself at RYLA.

The Trust would also like to again thank the Bon Accord Rotary Club for their support and continued partnership.