What does Streetsport mean to me?


A young participant’s perspective

One of our regular young participants, 14 years-old from the AB16 area of Aberdeen, wrote about Streetsport and how the Denis Law Legacy Trust’s flagship programme has helped her progress.

“Streetsport has completely changed my life. Some of the coaches have helped me through some of the toughest times in my life so far and now I’m eventually getting to repay the favour by becoming a volunteer through the Duke of Edinburgh programme”.

“I was getting in to trouble quite a lot at school before I found the Streetsport team but now I’m actually doing really well”.

“I ask the coaches to make sure I work hard and I’m always playing football with them, chasing them around the astro [in Friday’s Northfield session] for hours. They show me how to be a good sportsman by making sure every game of football played is fair and equal and everyone has fun”.

“The coaches are a big influence in my life and are always there when I need someone to talk to. They show me what a real friend is like and made me want to be better at talking to my friends and helping them when they need it”.

“They all make the Streetsport experience that little bit better. To be honest I genuinely just have a laugh with all the coaches, it’s like one big extended family. The ones I trust the most are like big brothers and sisters to me”.

“I honestly just love being part of the Streetsport crew. It’s great and such an amazing opportunity and I’m so glad that I was able to become part of the team at such a young age as I will carry this experience with me for my whole entire life”.

“I’ve had chats with one of the coaches about what I would like to do in the future and I’ve been told multiple times that whatever happens there will always be a place for me at Streetsport. That touched me to know what I will always be wanted in one place or another”.

“The best time of the year is by far the summer because the days are long and the nights are bright. I don’t have school or football training and that means going to Streetsport every day and it’s great. It keeps lots of kids active, off the street and away from trouble”.

“I think Streetsport do an awesome job and have also helped me learn a lot about myself. It’s just an amazing experience that is great for everyone to enjoy”.