Casestudy: The participant to volunteer pathway

William’s a familiar face at Streetsport sessions.

Having grown up in the community of Northfield in the north-west of Aberdeen, he began participating at Streetsport sessions in the area when he was 12.

Streetsport has had a firm foot in the Northfield community ever since its inception in 2006. Being a constant and reliable presence in an area is proven to be beneficial to all involved and has continued to be the case in this instance too.

From Byron Community Centre to Alan Douglas Park and Northfield Academy astro to Cummings Park, William has attended them all.

Attending these sessions helped William get out of the house and into an environment which is safe, active and encouraging for young people.

Speaking about his time as a Streetsport participant, William said: “One day a friend just took me along. I played football, basketball and made new friends.

“But more than that it became a safe space for me to go every night after school.

“Streetsport became like my extended family and a place where I could forget all my worries”.

Feeling more confident and comfortable within the environment, William progressed through school and also through a designated pathway which encourages participants to mature into volunteers.

Volunteers are an imperative cog to the wheel of the Denis Law Legacy Trust. Last quarter, over 450 hours of volunteering at Streetsport sessions alone enabled the sessions to thrive and continue growing.

This number doubled and more when the events and office volunteering hours were included.

Put simply, the trust and its programmes wouldn’t exist without the time that is voluntarily put in by the generosity of many.

At 15, William began volunteering having earned the responsibility of wearing a Streetsport jacket and taking on more tasks and duties which is involved in the role.

“It kept me grounded and calm and gave me the belief that I can achieve all my goals and dreams.

“Streetsport will never know how much I appreciate the time and effort they have put in to me”, William added.

Now with a regular and solid working pattern, William’s a great example of how attending Streetsport can lead towards a positive destination and regular routine which in-turn enhances mental wellbeing and overall outlook.

From all involved at the Denis Law Legacy Trust, thanks William for your efforts over the years and we hope you continue to go from strength to strength.

Please visit our volunteering page for further information on how you can get involved.