Denis Law Legacy Trust
Denis Law Legacy Trust
Supporting & empowering young people to be confident, capable, independent and responsible citizens within their communities.

Positive Results

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Our programmes have demonstrated measurable impact across Aberdeen City over a number of years, winning both local and national recognition.

The Denis Law Legacy Trust is also recognised by Aberdeen City Council for assisting with the delivery of the Scottish Government’s Activity Agreement Initiative.

 Instances of youth annoy

Streetsport participations by year


% participation by age group (2017)


Gender participation by year

Prioritising Prevention.


Our flagship Streetsport initiative has worked strategically in partnership with a wide variety of stakeholders over the past 12 years in over 50 locations throughout Aberdeen City with over 150 volunteers helping to deliver our activities.

Over the last 12 years we have been working in collaboration with Aberdeen Community Safety Partnership, Absafe, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and many other partners in an effort to assist with crime prevention through intervention and diversionary tactics.

Existing impact measures of the Streetsport initiative are notable and in some instances we have helped reduce complaints & instances in youth crime; anti-social behaviour and wilful fire raising by over 75%.

75% +
Reductions in Crime

62,000 +
Active Participations


2,500 + Deployments

150 +

Eliminating barriers to participation.


Streetsport activities alone recently exceeded 60,000 attendances & active participations. Our temporary activity arenas are deployed nightly into local communities and we exceeded over 14,000 attendances in 2017. We are on target for attracting more than 16,000 ‘free to access’ participations with 2018.

Eliminating barriers to participation for hard to reach individuals and involved a high number of disaffected youths in current community matters.